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The Joy of Home Cheesemaking

The fun and science behind home cheesemaking

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I have created the following recipes for the classes I teach.

All of my recipes may be distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works license. Feel free to copy and distribute the recipes, but don't change or charge for them.

Cheese Recipes

Whole Milk Ricotta (pdf) - A simple acid coagulated cheese.

Queso Blanco (pdf) - Practically identical to whole milk ricotta.

Paneer (pdf) - An Indian cheese. It does not melt when heated and is often used in curries.

Cream Cheese (pdf) - Cream Cheese is a great place to start making cheese from starter cultures, and the results blow away the foil wrapped version.

Fromage Blanc (pdf) - This fresh cheese is like cream cheese, but made is from milk rather than cream and therefore is less rich. Replace cream cheese in a cheesecake recipe with this to bring a delicate texture to the desert.

Feta (pdf) - Feta is a classic Greek cheese that is traditionally preserved in brine. It serves as an introduction to cutting curds and expressing whey in cheesemaking.

Gouda (pdf) - A washed curd cheese. Gouda is an intermediate cheese and requires pressing and aging.

Cheddar - Stirred Curd (pdf) - Perhaps one of the most well known cheeses. Cheddar also requires pressing and aging. This recipe adapts the cheddaring process for the home cheesemaker, and requires only stirring the curds rather than truly cheddaring them.

Camembert (pdf) - A French classic and a bloomy rind cheese. As this cheese ages it is covered with a thick coat of white mold which eventually becomes part of the rind. The quality of the milk going into this cheese is one of key factors in getting good results.

Other Dairy Product Recipes

Yogurt (pdf) - Homemade yogurt is easy and delicious.